Sustainable Purchasing

Sustainable Purchasing

STS Purchasing BadgeEven the smallest entities and individuals wield a lot of power with their purchasing dollars. Put your dollars to work creating a more sustainable future.

  • Choose environmentally friendly products and services
  • Purchase for socially aware products and services (fair trade, sweat shop free, and locally produced)
  • Buy recycled (It’s not recycling unless you buy recycled!)
  • Rent or lease instead of buying equipment
  • Consider group purchasing or equipment sharing arrangements
  • Talk with your suppliers and contractors about sustainable products, services and practices (they won’t offer them if they don’t know you are interested)

Members of the Sustainable Business Council offer a wide variety of sustainable products and services to help you in this quest.

Other resources:

Consumer Reports Green Choices Food Safety and Sustainability Center Eco-labels Database

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Products Website