Sustainable Facilities

Sustainable Facilities

Buildings use large amounts of energy and resources. Tap into yours for significant savings.

  • Use LEED or other sustainable building standards to guide building projects
  • Install energy efficient heating, cooling, lighting, windows and other equipment
  • Increase insulation and seal air leaks in the building envelop
  • Improve indoor air circulation
  • Use paints, fixtures and furniture that do not emit volatile organic compounds or other toxins
  • Use sustainably harvested lumber and recycled content building materials
  • Use water efficient equipment and practices
  • Develop eco industrial parks- a concept that consists of a series of businesses linked not only by proximity but by production inputs and outputs

Members of the Sustainable Business Council offer a wide variety of sustainable products and services to help you in this quest.

Other resources:

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Building Website and Energy Star Website

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