Waste Sort Checklist

Interested in conducting a waste sort? Sorting through your business’s waste is a great way to lower costs and increase productivity. After all, waste is a sign of inefficiency! Take a look at these step-by-step instructions to learn how you can conduct your own sort.

Before the Sort

  • Recruit your sort team
  • Assemble waste sample to be sorted
  • Gather containers for holding sorted waste, a scale for weighing the samples, and protective gear for sorters (gloves, goggles, protective clothing).

During the Sort

  • Weigh empty containers
  • Sort waste by major component
  • Further sort each waste component into specific subcategories (paper/ cardboard/newspaper)
  • Place sorted waste into separate containers
  • Weigh each container (subtract weight of containers)
  • Take pictures of waste

After the Sort

  • Properly dispose of waste
  • Clean up waste sort area
  • Analyze collected data and identify areas for waste reduction
  • Prepare audit report, including findings and strategies