Buy Local Campaigns

Why should I shop at local businesses for locally produced products?

  • You recirculate two to four times more of each dollar in the community than if you purchased from a nonlocal entity.
  • You keep more tax dollars in our community to support our schools, parks, police, and other services.
  • You support businesses that provide a large share of jobs in our community and are more invested in Missoula’s future.
  • You ensure a solid foundation for our nonprofit organizations because locally-owned businesses give more per dollar in sales than non-locals do.
  • You sustain vibrant, compact, and walkable shopping districts, which protects our natural resources and conserves energy.

Why is buying local important?

On top of that, new research shows that communities with a higher density of small businesses have greater wealth, more entrepreneurship, more equality, higher voter participation, and even healthier residents. The above graphic comes from a study by Civic Economics for the Local First organization in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Entitled “Local Works! Examining the impact of local business on the West Michigan Economy,” the study finds a stunning impact to the local economy if just 10 percent of the market share is moved from national chains to locally owned businesses.

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