Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria

To become a member of the SBC, individuals and entities must commit to the SBC’s ethics pledge, demonstrate on their membership form that they attempt to apply the pledge in their activities, and pay dues in a timely manner. Memberships can be denied or cancelled by the Board of Directors for egregious violations of the pledge. In addition, entities must be locally-owned. (See below for local ownership criteria).

Ethics Pledge
As a member of the SBC, my business, self, or organization conducts business according to standards that reach beyond contemporary business practices. I honor, respect, and embrace the mission and values of the SBC, as does any business or organization I represent in the SBC. I certify and can demonstrate that we strive to operate in a sustainable manner in our business, organizational or personal dealings and that we work for continuous improvement in our practices. I believe my actions benefit the consumer, employees, community, and environment.

Local Ownership Criteria
In order to be classified as locally-owned, a business must meet the following criteria. (Media sponsors are the exception)

  • More than 50% of the owners or members of the entity must be Montana residents.
  • The entity is registered as a domestic entity with the State of Montana.
  • The local owners have substantial control over the entity’s choice of name, purchasing, operating, and marketing decisions.

The SBC Member directory displays information on ownership in each member’s profile.

Voting and Board Representation Criteria
In order to sit on or have an entity representative sit on the Board of Directors and to vote on any ballots put to the regular membership, the member must be an individual, a nonprofit, a government entity or a locally-owned business.