Membership Information

SBC membership is a commitment to a vibrant local economy built on sustainable practices. Why should you join the SBC?

  • We change community norms.
  • We catalyze discussion about local sustainability criteria and issues.
  • We provide a steady voice for sustainability in business.
  • We train future business leaders to implement sustainable practices.
  • We dispel myths about business that endanger our collective future.
  • National data show that the kind of work we do is effective at building local economies.
  • The public expects business leaders to solve big social problems.
  • SBC members believe climate scientists and want Missoula to be as prepared as possible.
  • SBC members want to let others know that they support these values.
  • SBC members love Missoula!

In addition, SBC members receive:

  • Opportunities to host or sponsor events
  • Checklists and quick trainings on topics such as waste audits and transit-friendly workplaces
  • Networking opportunities with a values-based audience
  • Locally-relevant information about business sustainability topics
  • Member-to-member discounts on web hosting, green cleaning, recycling, bulk office supplies, toys, advertising and more!
  • E-newsletters and social media providing sustainability tips, news and member highlights
  • Annual sustainability awards and member appreciation event

Every local business benefits from our work. Join as an SBC member to support these campaigns and more. Together, we can build a vibrant local economy built on sustainable practices.