Moving toward zero waste is a choice. It is more than just remembering to recycle that plastic milk jug (rinsing it out and removing the lid). It challenges you, your family, and your business to take a look at what you throw away and rethink your notion of waste.

The fact is that our contemporary society is designed to make waste. From mine tailings to shrink wrap to kitchen scraps, “waste” is a sign of inefficiency. Ask yourself this question: if you’re not for zero waste, how much waste are you for?

We can start to move toward zero waste by changing how we think about the stuff we call trash. For businesses, moving toward zero waste means looking for inefficiencies, from product design to sourcing to customer use.

Moving toward zero waste requires a simple paradigm shift. Find ways to reduce waste before you make it. Start thinking of the waste you do make as undiscovered resources waiting to be recovered. Reuse when you can, repair when possible, and recycle as much as Missoula recycling options allow. Doing just that much will reduce your waste footprint and likely keep money in your pocket.