United Way of Missoula County

P.O. Box 7395 Missoula MT 59807
P.O. Box 7395 Missoula Montana 59807 US

United Way of Missoula County builds a better community for all, especially in the areas of education, income, and health.? We collaborate with diverse community partners to identify important social issues and bring together resources to address them.? We give donors a trusted way to support critical services for people in need, and we make sure that donated dollars are invested wisely and well.

Sustainable Practices

We recycle paper, aluminum, and plastic.? We facilitate donations of used office equipment and supplies to other nonprofits.?? We are phasing in an electronic pledge from which we hope will eventually replace our traditional three page carbon paper pledge form.? We recently purchased a building and are currently exploring the benefits of building reuse.? We are looking to improve the energy efficiency of our workspace, further promote ridesharing and/or biking, and put forth a sincere overall effort to decrease our carbon footprint.