Tomorrow's Heirlooms

279 South Trail Florence MT 59833
279 South Trail Florence Montana 59833 US

I still have a baby blanket my grandmother made for me before I was born. My aunt kept the baby hat and sweater I crocheted for my cousin 25 years ago….When we were creating those items, we never thought they would become cherished heirlooms. My goal and hope is that every item I create becomes a treasured heirloom–whether it’s a handmade lace shawl for the bride or the baby blanket that becomes a child’s favorite “blankie.” They aren’t heirlooms yet…but they will become “Tomorrow’s Heirlooms.” I’m a “yarn junkie”! I particularly like working with natural fibers like merino, silk, alpaca, llama, mohair–soft, touchable, luxurious yarns. I’m also a big fan of locally spun and dyed yarn (and we have some great yarns being produced in Western Montana–Lucky me!

Sustainable Practices

I use renewable resource materials such as locally-grown wool, alpaca and other animal fibers. Additionally, I purchase most of my materials from local businesses.