Sun Mountain Sports

301 North 1st Street West Missoula MT 59802-3625
301 North 1st Street West Missoula Montana 59802 US

Sun Mountain Sports, Inc. is an innovator and designer of golf related products. It has been in business in Missoula for 30 years, does all of its design work locally, also manufactures, assembles, warehouses and ships its products from Missoula. The company is known internationally with the sporting goods industry.

Sustainable Practices

Sun Mountain seeks to organize and execute its business operations in a rational, organized and cost effective manner. This includes consideration of its use of materials and energy both locally and in its global supply chain. Sun Mountain has a long history of providing a full menu of employee benefits and pays a living wage. The company is currently seeking to formalize its approach to identifying and realizing the benefits that are available to entities that learn to think in a sustainable manner.