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Hiring made simple. Submittable integrates with your website to provide a clean, organized system for all types of file submissions. Use Submittable to receive, store, and share resumes, editorial, applications, contest entries, portfolios?any type of digital file! Benefits: ? Clean and organized ? Professional, trustworthy ? Paperless ? Easy and inviting ? Anyone can use it ? Full-time customer support ? No IT necessary (that?s what we?re for!) ? No hidden fees ? No risk ? Cancel at any time ? Reduces spam applicants (possible revenue stream) Our software goals: 1. Simple to use 2. Awesome price 3. Insanely great customer service Specialties Resume Management and Staffing, Publishing and Manuscript File Management, Host Contests and Manage Entries, Art, Photographpy, and Video Submission Management. Submittable’s Resume Manager allows your hiring process to be paperless and eco-efficient

Sustainable Practices

We want to support your efforts to increase your triple bottom line of People (making better hires), Planet (zero waste), and Profit (saving time and $, allowing you to focus more efforts on moving your business forward).