Spirit at Play

621 Stephens Avenue Missoula MT 59801
621 Stephens Avenue Missoula Montana 59801 US

We at Spirit at Play embrace childhood. We believe in the power of play. Children are treasured for their unique spirits. We support their efforts and celebrate their successes. We learn to take care of ourselves and to take care of each other. We overcome challenges through determination. We solve problems through communication. We value our families. We invite people we love to share our joy. We build relationships with our community. We lessen our footprint on the earth by teaching the value of reducing, reusing and recycling. We explore our surroundings and cultivate awareness of all within. We serve children ages 3-5 (during the school year) and ages 3-9 (during the summer) and also state assisted and special needs children.

Sustainable Practices

We recycle and compost on site. The children and staff are all involved in these efforts each school day. We have herb, vegetable, fruit, and flower gardens in the front and backyard of the school. The Mountain Line Bus & Trolley system are used to transport children whenever “our” feet can’t take us to a field trip location. We serve organic produce and dairy products for our morning and afternnoon snacks. Organic Sprouts Catering delivers hot organic lunches to our program five days a week for an extra fee. The outdoor playground surface is composed of recycled tire mulch. We use recycled ink cartridges in our copy machines. The staff receive a comprehensive benefit package including paid leave, dental, vision, and health care coverage and retirement benefits (full-time staff only). Northwestern Energy completed an energy audit of the building in 2002. A majority of improvments to the facility were made as a result of the energy efficiency audit.