MacArthur, Means & Wells Architects

125 W. Alder St. Missoula MT 59802
125 W. Alder St. Missoula Montana 59802 US

The principal partners of MacArthur, Means & Wells, Architects (MMW) include founders Don MacArthur, Kent Means and John Wells, and since 2005, Angie Lipski. All three founding principal architects have been practicing in Missoula for the last fourteen years. MMW has a broad range of experience ranging from minor remodels to master planning entire city neighborhoods. Key elements in our design process include scheduling, cost estimating, phasing, construction documents, and communication. In addition to quality service, MacArthur, Means & Wells is committed to design excellence in our projects, and values highly the following elements: Functional Planning, appropriate aesthetic expression, resource efficiency / sustainability, and daylighting.

Sustainable Practices

MMW Architects is an energy-star rated firm that has provided innovative design solutions within tight budget constraints. For every project we design, we attempt to conform to LEED standards; several of our architects are LEED certified professionals. We also attempt to be sustainable as individuals within MMW, by recycling, purchasing recycled paper and paper products, and using energy-efficient lighting. MMW has recently won the AIA ?Show You?re Green? Award for its project off of Reserve Street, Orchard Gardens, for being both sustainable and aesthetic design. MMW has won numerous other awards, including merit and honor awards from the AIA, and historic preservation awards from the City of Missoula.