Iza Asian Restaurant

529 South Higgins Missoula MT 59801
529 South Higgins Missoula Montana 59801 US

Iza is a locally owned Asian restaurant specializing in dishes from SE Asia, Japan, Korea, China and veering into Indian flavors. We use local products as much as possible from our local vendors and Farmers Mkts. We feature premium Asian teas including bubble tea made from real tea, as well as full wine ,sake and a variety of local and imported beers.

Sustainable Practices

We try to use local and sustainable products as much as possible, especially during the better growing seasons of Summer and Fall. We try to educate local farmers about Asian vegetable varieties that aren’t commonly grown in Missoula. We use bio degradable to go containers and work with Garden City Recycling. We seek local artists to display their work and encourage anybody to use our leftover corks and glass bottles for art projects.