Ironwood Manufacturing Inc.

1700 Turner Missoula MT 59802
1700 Turner Missoula Montana 59802 US

To supply sustainable quality school, office, hospitality furnishings, and casework, at a reasonable price, without sacrificing product integrity, in a safe and positive environment through contructive teamwork, committed to meeting production schedules, while maintaining customer staisfaction.?Ironwood Manufacturing is a locally owned family business since 1984 providing product for the school, office, hospitality, and commercial market.

Sustainable Practices

Business Sustainability = Ironwood is committed to recycling raw materials i.e. steel, cardboard, and paper. We grind our wood waste to reduces landfill volume by 70%. Ironwood was one of the first businesses to introduce powder coating to the furniture industry which reduces VOC’s and provides a more durable paint finish. Our main product material is particle board which is reclaimed sawmill offal. To conserve energy we work a four (4) day week which reduces employees daily commute, and lighting and heating consumption. We have incorporated the use of a capacitor bank to reduce the initial daily demand from the power grid. During the winter months our use of the dust collector recycles clean air back into the building to reduce heat cost. Upon purchacing our current building, a second roof was installed over the existing roof which doubled the insulation thereby doubling the insulation value resulting in lower energy expense. Ironwood is an equal opportunity employer and is fully committed to treating each employee as an individual and to giving each the opportunity to develop to her/his full capacity. Wage scales are competitive with firms comparable to Ironwood in size and type of operations in the geographic area. The wage scale also reflects the difference between jobs fairly and equitably, based on responsiblity, skill, degree of difficulty and related conditions. Ironwood provides health insurance, paid holidays, and paid vacations. Ironwood encourages a healthy life style by providing a non-smoking environment, a drug free work environment, and annual hearing tests. We partner locally with Opportunity Resources which provides employment to people with disabilities. Ironwood also supports the local youth baseball and softball teams. We donate product to various local non-profit organizations. Member of Missoula Kiwanas.