Heritage Timber

808 West Pine Street Missoula MT 59802
808 West Pine Street Missoula Montana 59802 US

Heritage Timber is a building dismantling and wood sales family-operated company based out of western Montana since 1994. We specialize in dismantling historic buildings, with attention to honoring the life of the building and maintaining the integrity of all of the building’s components. Most of the work is done by hand so that the wood is not damaged and can be reused again. Any materials that cannot be reused are recycled. We also sell timbers, dimensional lumber, and other building materials, as well as value added materials like reclaimed wood flooring. Heritage Timber is bonded and insured, and comes highly recommended from customers ranging from residential to professional, both for their work, ethic, and ease of partnership. We have worked with LEED certification both for building dismantling and material sales, and are happy to provide free site visits and quotes.

Sustainable Practices

The core of Heritage Timber’s mission is sustainability. We dismantle buildings, taking out all materials that are reusable, and recycling the materials that are not. Instead of materials going to the landfill, they are skillfully given a second life in home, business, and industrial settings. Our office is built of 95% reclaimed materials, is home-based, and uses non-toxic cleaning techniques, etc. Gary has been very active in the community, donating materials, time, and money to many non-profits in town including Garden City Harvest, MUD, HomeWord, MTPR, MT Historical Society, Home Resource, and others. Whenever possible, we carpool and use biodiesel fuel.