Family Dental Group

Southgate Mall Missoula MT 59801
Southgate Mall Missoula Montana 59801 US

We are here when you need us!! Conveniently located in the Southgate Mall in Missoula Montana. We offer evening and Saturday appointments for a very broad range of dental services. These include but are not limited to dental hygiene (“”cleanings””), periodontal therapy, fillings, extractions, dentures, root canals, crowns, veneers, bridges and implant restorations. We are independent dentists (no insurance company contracts or PPO network restrictions) so our patients maintain 100% control of their dental care.

Sustainable Practices

We are 100% local and loving it!! As members of the community we are committed to leaving Missoula better than we found it. Sort of a corporate “”Pack it in, pack it out”” philosophy. We promote this lifestyle with our employees, friends and patients. It is just part of our organizational culture. We invested heavily in energy efficiency in our new facility (built in mid 2008). While this is a much larger clinic we were able to drop our power usage by 40%/square foot. Our total power consumption is just a little bit more than in our old office even though we are over 250% larger. This means we are able to do much, much more dentistry with a comparable energy footprint. We did this by investing in efficient climate control systems, motion sensor light switches and 277 volt high efficiency lighting. One of simplest (at least in concept–our electricians might not agree) yet most effective improvements is a master switch that powers off all non-essential systems when we close up at night. It even shuts down the water. No dribbling faucets or power consumption over night. This can add up to a lot of waste. We also voluntarily installed an amalgam separation system for our water effluent. This system matches the performance of our old weekly replaceable filter system with only one recycle/year. This saves us money on shipping and labor plus it saves packaging waste and fuel consumption when the containers are shipped back for recycle. It has already paid for itself. Green is Green$$!! Of course we recycle our cardboard, paper and magazines.