Book Exchange

2335 Brooks St Missoula MT 59801
2335 Brooks St Missoula Montana 59801 US

Our business recycles over 400,000 books annually. Since the store opened in 1979 we have become Missoula’s Mecca for bargain priced new and used books. We trade used paperbacks for other used paperbacks. We give 1/4 of the original cover price in trade credit and sell them at 1/2 the original cover price. We do keep credit on file without expiration so credit can be used over time. If the used paperbacks have our price label on them we guarantee to accept them back in trade; otherwise we are selective based on our inventory needs, condition of the book, and current demand. All other items in the store we buy and sell for cash, including new books, used hardcovers, comics and audiobooks. We select these based on many factors, including condition, current demand, our inventory needs, internet pricing, etc. We make a cash offer based upon our estimate of the resale value in the Missoula market.

Sustainable Practices

Our business is recycling! We not only trade hundreds of thousands used books annually, we also purchase publishers’ closeouts that might otherwise end up in landfills. We accomplish this at bargain prices that sustain our business model while passing huge savings along to our customers. In our everyday activities we re-use everything feasible. We re-use or recycle cans, paper and cardboard. Our coffee grounds and packing materials are picked up by local businesses for re-use. We buy local and buy recycled whenever possible. We make every effort to repair equipment rather than replacing it, or we attempt to find another user for aging equipment. During 33 years in business we have donated thousands of books, gift certificates and reading “”packets”” to Montana schools, libraries, city and state prisons, and other tax supported or non-profit institutions.