Blackfoot Telecommunications Group

P.O. Box 16600 Missoula MT 59808
P.O. Box 16600 Missoula Montana US

Blackfoot is committed to providing cutting-edge telecommunications services to our 20,000 customers in a seven-county region throughout Western Montana. We provide more than 1,200 Missoula businesses with superior voice, data and networking services through the local support of our 150 dedicated employees. This includes phone systems and service, Broadband up to 15M, wireless networks, Ethernet and LAN design and support for businesses. With highly competitive pricing, new broadband service bundles, and unmatched reliability, the number of customers using our broadband network has grown 490% in five years.

Sustainable Practices

Blackfoot is dedicated to bringing the best technology possible to Montana. We are also dedicated to doing it the right way. That?s why Blackfoot recently improved our switching systems so we use only 25% of the power and 10% of the floor space for the systems that deliver data to our customers. Lighting and heating for the Blackfoot campus offices is controlled by an automated system equipped with motion sensors which has lowered power consumption by more than 10% and natural gas usage by more than 20%. Cooling for the campus is provided by energy efficient ground source systems. We have implemented our own recycling programs on the Blackfoot campus including a dry cell battery recycling program as well as aluminum and plastic bottle recycling programs. We also use a local company, Tear It Up, for office shredding and paper recycling. Blackfoot maintains active employee health and wellness programs including free annual health screenings and encourages walking breaks and distributes many promotional products that are recyclable and/or biodegradable.