Bernice's Bakery

190 S. 3rd West Missoula MT 59801
190 S. 3rd West Missoula Montana 59801 US

Bernice’s Bakery is a long-standing, Missoula landmark, business. We provide quality baked goods, excellent service and the warmest of inviting atmospheres. Bernice’s reinforces the ideas of good food and community in everything we do. By good food we mean: properly prepared, quality ingredients, reasonably priced. By community we mean: helping others, friendly service, ecologically & agriculturally conscientious. We strive to meet the needs of the present while considering the impact on future generations to meet their own needs. Our purchasing dollar is spent carefully and with consideration to good food and community. In an era where food is becoming chemistry, Bernice’s will continue its success by focusing on raw, natural, sometimes organic and local ingredients to create its product.

Sustainable Practices

Bernice’s focuses on re-use of any and all building materials when adjusting its workspace for efficiency. Bernice’s purchasing dollar is spent with other local businesses first when at all possible. Coffee grounds are picked up weekly (MUD) and used for composting locally. A recycling shed has lived outback of Bernice’s for over 7 years and we purchase recycled paper products. Bernice’s is largely heated by the ovens that bake our product. Energy efficient lighting is used in most fixtures throughout the bakery and cleaning products are enviromentally friendly., Time and energy is spent routinely educating staff about their role in sustainability, both for the environment and for the work culture. Staff additionally is given group buying power by being able to purchase goods through the bakery from a variety of sources. Most of Bernice’s staff walks or bicycles to work. Bernice’s donates to “Missoula In Motion” yearly in their efforts to promote alternative transportation and donates routinely to other organizations whose focus includes sustainability issues.