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1130 S 6th St W, Missoula MT 59801
1130 S 6th St W, Missoula Montana 59801 US


Sustainable Practices

My family has owned and operated this independent foodservice distributorship in Missoula for over 35 years now in the same location providing full time living wage jobs with health care and retirement benefits to our 14 some employees (some of which have been here almost 3 decades.) We have sold products to most all of the restaurants that have come and gone providing lines of credit when times were tough and footed some hefty bills when some didn’t make it. We care about the operators and adapt to their changing needs. When available we source all goods from as close to home as possible to reduce their carbon footprint and support Montana producers. If you like I can provide a list of local and regional vendors we purchase from. We compete with the multi-billion dollar corporations like Sysco and FSA and are still able to provide value in many ways including being less expensive. We have made strides in transitioning our disposables to biodegradable and compostable lines and cleaning products to more environmentally friendly ones. We also carry organic items and look at packaging and transportation when sourcing new items. I feel like sustainable business practices are taken into account in all we do.