Bad Goat Forest Products

PO Box 16781 Missoula MT 59808
PO Box 16781 Missoula Montana US

Our business is about getting locally and sustainably harvested wood products into the local market at a modest scale. Making the most of our local wood resources, we offer rough sawn wood products from small-scale forest restoration projects and urban arborist work. We also build outdoor structures and products, from barns to greenhouses and garden beds. We also track wood products back to the forest and offer a certified sustainable forest product called Good Wood, currently retailed at Home Resource.

Sustainable Practices

Our entire business is founded on making the most of the wood resources in our backyards. Using our forestry and arborist partners, our ideal is to remove hazard or beetle-killed trees and return that tree to the owner in the form of boards, beams, or finished structures or products. In that sense, we are a full life-cycle wood company. We can often tell you exactly where your wood products came from and are striving to improve that tracking, so our customers know they purchased a local, sustainably harvested product. Our wood does not contribute to forest degradation, clear cuts, erosion, and habitat loss problems often associated with traditional lumber products.