Axiom IT Solutions

1701 South Ave W Missoula MT 59801
1701 South Ave W Missoula Montana 59801 US

Your business can increase profits, improve productivity, and gain peace of mind with AXIOM?s innovative software developed to your specific needs. AXIOM specializes in custom software solutions. We increase efficiency, improve productivity, reduce costs and eliminate frustration with an easy, friendly approach to developing software solutions that meet your business needs. We have over 155 years of combined experience providing business technology solutions. Through these years we have gained expertise, knowledge and a great understanding of how to integrate technology effectively into business and business processes. AXIOM understands the relationship of People, Process, Technology and Data and how they need to work together in your Organization. We strive to understand what is important to your business, your employees and your customers, in order to deliver a project that will exceed your expectations. As a highly focused group of experienced, personable and seasoned software professionals we are dedicated to create value through services to our clients in public and private sectors, nationally and internationally. AXIOM was started in 2001 to deliver best in class software solutions to businesses wishing to integrate technology effectively into their business processes, growth plans and success. We?re currently a team of 12 highly skilled and experienced software development professionals that cover the complete spectrum of technologies, programming languages, platforms and databases, therefore, we can provide you a solution that isn’t biased on any specific technology or technology vendor. Our team are all full time employees of AXIOM, they all have at least a Computer Science degree or Masters of Science degree. The owners are an integral part of the team, so you’re not only working with highly skilled Software Developers, but also directly with the ownership. This ensures that you’re getting the best services available to you. AXIOM specializes in Custom Software Solutions for businesses that wish to integrate technology effectively into their business processes, growth plans and success. AXIOM believes that technology by itself is not a solution to a business problem. Instead, we work with you to maximize the efficiencies that today?s technology offers as part of your overall business solution. We draw from formal educations, enhanced by professional certifications and backed by real-world project experience.

Sustainable Practices

AXIOM practices diligent recycling of used products, we support local businesses, we hire Montanans, provide a better than living wage, a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), Full Section 125 Cafeteria Plan, matching retirement plan, we practice regular employee evaluations, many of our employees regularly work from home or walk or bike to work, we primarily tele/web conference with out of town clients so we cut down on travel, we receive and pay our bills on-line, we use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), we use programmable thermostats to reduce energy usage when we are not in the office, we use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and hand soap and we support several community charities and non-profits. We practice continued improvement and are always striving towards sustainability.