Adventure Cycling Association

150 East Pine Street Missoula MT 59802
150 East Pine Street Missoula Montana 59802 US

Adventure Cycling Association is the largest bicycle membership non-profit in North America with nearly 44,000 members. Our mission is to inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle. We produce routes and maps for cycling in North America, organize more than 40 tours annually, and publish the best bicycle travel information anywhere, including Adventure Cyclist magazine and The Cyclists’ Yellow Pages. We are a big supporter of cycling in Missoula, helping start the city’s bike light giveaway program and facilitating the creation of the Bike/Walk Alliance for Missoula.

Sustainable Practices

We promote the most sustainable form of transport bicycling – in Missoula and all over North America. Adventure Cycling is a leader in America Bike, the national coalition dedicated to securing more federal support biking and walking, leading the effort to create an official U.S. Bicycle Route System, a pioneer in encouraging young people to travel by bicycle. In the office, we try to promote sustainable values, using paper with recycled content, collecting compost in our kitchen, recycling a lot of materials (we run a mail order business that generates a lot of cardboard). We still have a ways to go and have an internal “green team” to identify ways we can do better on the environmental front. Of course, we encourage non-automobile commuting and have won Missoula In Motion’s awards for best commuting company/non-profit.