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Hungry for more: Think you mostly eat local food? Think again.

  By Jenny Mish, Executive Director

In Missoula, we pride ourselves on buying local. Especially local food. We have some great things to be proud of in our food system. However, we may also have a touch of wishful thinking, perhaps a smidgeon of self-congratulatory zeal. After all, it’s a complex mess, this unsustainable food system we’ve inherited. It’s not always easy to get an accurate read on what is and isn’t truly “local.”


SBC Spotlight: Masala Food Cart

Owner/Operator Theo Smith helps paint the picture of the Masala Food Cart in this SBC Member Spotlight.

1. Tell us about your business or organization in 10 words or less. 
Masala - An Indian food cart servicing Missoula events and neighborhoods.   

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